About us

Hotel Maurits is a quiet and friendly family run hotel. It is ideal for visiting the city, or for a second home whilst working in the area. Pets are not allowed.

Our street, the Van Aerssenstraat, is a small street with mainly homes. The part where the hotel is has been build in the beginning of the 20th century as a shopping area with a butcher, a tobacco shop and other shops. As time went by the shops have disappeared and the buildings were transformed in hotel rooms.

The hotel is made up out of several different buildings next to each other. The rooms can only be reached from the outside, there is no hallway that connects the buildings. The buildings are 3 "American floors" and 2 "British floors" high. There is no lift.

Van Aerssenstraat 65, 2582 JG Den Haag/Scheveningen T +31 (0)70 352 23 41 E info@hotelmaurits.nl